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Hardware industry to accelerate the pace of embracing the "digital economy"
Category: Industry Information
Date: 2019-02-13
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At the same time, intelligent products bring not only intuitive benefits, but also various data stored in the cloud can create more growth points for enterprises.

Network, digital, intelligent, with the "digital economy" swept through tuyere, from all walks of life by its derived new forms, new model and new technology enterprise in our city in the continuous fermentation, gradually formed the hardware industry transformation and upgrading of endogenous power, promoting "Internet +" economic industrialization, intelligent manufacturing and big data applications continue to speed up, become a new engine of economic development in our city.

Big data grafting traditional hardware industry

Zhejiang jian feng electronics co., LTD. Product exhibition hall, a cool modelling treadmill color gives a person the sense of vision impact having a unique style, in addition to chic modelling design, the product has more deep connotation of the "" : it can be through the facial recognition, speech recognition, and other functions into the personal fitness system, can also through the mobile phone App, the motion data uploaded to the network in the cloud, and their relatives and friends to realize online PK, have increased interest in sports.

Traditional treadmill "grafting" intelligent platform, has been the majority of consumers' favor, so that the production value of jianfeng company ushered in explosive growth. At present, jianfeng company's treadmill chip sales in the peer has ranked first in the country. At the same time, intelligent products bring not only intuitive benefits, but also various data stored in the cloud can create more growth points for enterprises. In the future, the quality improvement effect brought by big data will be more obvious.

"Today, the 'running' treadmill in consumers' homes has become the most important source of our interaction with consumers and inspiration for research and development. In the process of users' use, the big data collection center established by the company can receive feedback from the terminal in real time. We will analyze big data to understand users' habits and exercise status. We will provide users with Suggestions for better exercise patterns or choices of fitness equipment. Jianlong Yang, deputy general manager of jianfeng company.

At present, the research and development team of jianfeng company in Shanghai is constantly increasing research and development efforts, planning to expand the business to daily hardware and other hardware industries, combining big data with traditional industries, to create greater benefits.

In recent years, just like jianfeng company, yongkang company has taken a solid step in the tide of "digital economy". The industrial scale has been expanding and the industrial structure has been enriched. We will give full play to the clustering effect of the hardware industry and focus on developing intelligent power tools, small household appliances, smart homes and other products. Build a bridge of comprehensive communication between enterprises and consumers with the application of big data, take the initiative to meet changes in the market, actively guide the in-depth development of industrial consumption, and master the core "secret" of the market.

"We encourage industrial enterprises are widely used in cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, a new generation mobile Internet information technology, combined with the zhuhai power tools, small appliances, door industry, glass industry in key areas such as the advantages of integration in the product sensor, embedded software and numerical control devices, etc. New technology, rich product features, upgrade product performance, create high value industrial products." Yongkang city by the information bureau of the relevant person in charge.

It is reported that yongkang actively promotes the full integration of the real economy and the digital economy, takes the digital economy as the new driving force of economic innovation and development, drives the revitalization of the real economy and the upgrading of traditional industries.

Through the background to achieve big data services

In yongkang manufacturing enterprises to actively to "big data" at the same time, the large digital offers complete supporting service system for the enterprise is growing, the informationization training institutions and/or service information talent, information equipment rental services, e-commerce services, provide support for enterprises to promote information service ability.

"More often, we will combine the industry situation of the enterprise itself, the internal management situation of the enterprise and the actual situation of the capital flow of the enterprise to provide them with some basic conditions related to the operation of the Internet, including the overall need to match and the foundation needed in the overall direction of future development. "Said zhao zhongcai, head of the e-commerce department of qiqu network technology co., LTD.

It is reported that qiqu company currently mainly for enterprises to provide website design, hosting, store optimization, marketing planning and other background services, business coverage yongkang more than 1600 enterprises, combined with the application of big data, qiqu company can provide more information services for enterprises.

At present, yongkang focuses on the cultivation and introduction of supporting services for industrial enterprises software enterprises and integrated circuits, electronic components, intelligent detection, automatic operation and intelligent control research and development service enterprises, improve equipment electronics, application software, the new generation of information technology innovation service capabilities.

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