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China international hardware exhibition 2018 creates a golden opportunity for the industry
Category: Industry Information
Date: 2019-02-13
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The 18th China international hardware exhibition will open in Shanghai national convention and exhibition center on oct 10-12, 2018.

The 18th China international hardware exhibition will open in Shanghai national convention and exhibition center on oct 10-12, 2018. As the largest hardware exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world, it was jointly organized by cologne exhibition and China hardware products association. For 17 years in a row, it has presented leading products and technologies to the global hardware industry, gaining a high reputation in the industry and enjoying the reputation of "barometer of hardware market and vane of industry development". As the organizer of "cologne international hardware fair", the world's first hardware fair, cologne international exhibition co., ltd. has injected strong German professional exhibition gene into CIHS, and made use of the global marketing network of cologne hardware exhibition to ensure that CIHS inherits its rich resources and professional quality. With rich industry resources, China hardware products association leads 3,000 backbone members and professional buyers of Chinese hardware enterprises into CIHS every year

Domestic and foreign big name gathers, altogether xiangsheng

The exhibition area reaches 160,000 square meters with 6,500 booths. Through CIHS, an international trade and communication platform, we will welcome more than 3,300 enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions. This year, the international exhibition area will present enterprises and brands from Germany, the United States, India, South Korea, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as countries and regions along the "One Belt And One Road". It is expected to attract more than 50,000 trade visitors, including tool manufacturers, service providers, purchasers and professionals from the industries of tools, locks and safety, building hardware and electrical and mechanical equipment.

Overseas exhibitors participation showed a trend of steady growth this year, there is no lack of among them leading international brands, such as PREXISO CORAZZI Allit in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan's FUJI STAR, India's BLACK JACK, GARDEX, MEDALLAY EXPORTS, South Korea KARBOSAN KOISS, CAYMAN, Turkey and so on, including the German pavilion at the same time, the Taipei city commercial trade council of import and export group, Taiwan hand tools group, industrial board of trade boutique firms will compete to shine; The domestic hardware industry well-known enterprises, including the Great Wall seiko, hangzhou superstar, jiangsu macro treasure, hebei poisson, ningbo international, zhejiang plano, dalian little far east, grinding wheel, Shanghai qian jun, zhejiang huafeng, zhejiang rongcheng, yantai three-ring, neutral, zhejiang, guangdong, graceful, guangdong house, Katie shi, tyrone, bin shan ge, guangdong Oriental cherry, etc., China's hardware industry base in zhongshan xiaolan, wenzhou, zhejiang, jinhua, pujiang, sea salt, hebei anping, huanghua, shunde, guangdong and hebei pavilion will pour at the scene of the exhibition display.

And the hardware industry associations invited industry heavyweight buyers

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of "One Belt And One Road", the initiative has entered a new stage from concept to action, from planning to implementation. The organizer of the exhibition mainly invited purchasers from countries along the "One Belt And One Road" and emerging markets to help hardware products enjoy the benefits of national policy initiatives. In addition, the organizers also strengthen with domestic hardware building materials distribution, decoration engineering and retail purchasing, designer team groups such as the depth of cooperation, actively develop the central and western regions, "reconstruction" areas and the rural market procurement needs, to help China hardware companies to grasp the "post-crisis" business opportunities, further deepening the concept of "balanced development", to promote industry, industrial balance, win-win and sustainable, sharing the fruits.

This year, cologne international exhibition co., LTD. Brand exhibition -- cologne international hardware expo and China association of hardware products once again work together to develop strong market resources. At that time, many top domestic and foreign buyers will be invited to CIHS 2018. The important buyers in the industry who participated in the last CIHS have highly appraised and showed great interest in continuing to visit this year's exhibition. Some of them are world-renowned industry giants such as lowe's of the United States, home depot and uber tools, Germany's obed and Hahn kubo, and alibaba from China. In addition, suzhou huaxia electromechanical hardware city, nanjing runtai market, Shanghai jinshan international trade city and hebei, shandong, linyi and jiangsu delegations organized by all-china federation of industry and commerce electromechanical chamber of commerce will all be present.

The concurrent events were spectacular

With more than ten years of exhibition experience accumulation, the quality and connotation of the corresponding activities are continuously improved year by year. As an important platform to assist enterprises to improve the exhibition effect and expand the influence of the industry, the on-site activities are constantly improving their professional and international construction, trying to create more value-added exhibition experience for exhibitors. During the exhibition, the "gold hook award" Chinese lock and process equipment design competition, which was jointly held by China hardware products association and China industrial design association, was well received by the industry. Trade buyers respected by the industry exchange will also be upgraded, re-appearance of the exhibition, in a more relaxed environment, and high-quality customers to talk, drink, business development, more intuitive to high-quality buyers to introduce product features and solutions; This exhibition will set up a new exhibition area with the theme of "classic dialogue and innovation", focusing on the whole hardware industry, aiming at the industry's cutting-edge technology and high-quality hardware products, exploring the potential demand of domestic and foreign trade buyers, presenting the classic inheritance and technological innovation, and leading the development trend of China's hardware industry. At the same time, cutting and polishing application technology BBS, anping screen centennial activities, "design-driven industry integration hardware peak BBS/whole house intelligent hardware solutions industry peak BBS", international unlock challenge competition, intelligent lock dealers conference will be staged in turn. In addition, during the exhibition, there will be many BBS seminars involving technology, market, real estate trend and other topics, which will lead to the interaction between "industry, education and research" in China's hardware industry.

The subdivided industry exhibition area has been comprehensively upgraded, and the two major professional exhibitions during the same period have accumulated little and little

In order to deepen the professional development of the categories of exhibits in China international hardware exhibition, the exhibition will continue to hold "China international exhibition of building hardware and fasteners" and "China international exhibition of lock security door products" in the same period. Previously, CIHS has successively set up special zones for fasteners, wire mesh screens, doors, Windows, furniture, hardware, locks and accessories, and fully accumulated relevant data of exhibitors and purchasers and experience in market operation. After the launch of the two special exhibitions, the exhibition has received active support from manufacturers and dealers in the construction hardware and lock industries. This year, nearly 500 enterprises will participate in the exhibition, and domestic manufacturing and technology leading industrial bases will also participate in the exhibition.

This year, the organizer increased investment to further deepen the e-commerce marketing platform, such as the opening of "400 free customer service system" and professional call service, the site set up "electronic tour" information system, SRT self-login registration terminal, "PDA information acquisition system"; Face recognition system will continue to be used on the exhibition site to escort exhibitors and visitors from all over the country while enjoying the industry feast.

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