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How does hardware industry realize new growth
Category: Industry Information
Date: 2019-02-13
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This year, China's economic development is facing a lot of pressure. How to break the situation to comply with the changes of The Times and the market and achieve new growth?

This year, China's economic development is facing a lot of pressure. As a Chinese hardware industry closely related to people's life, what challenges will it face in the New Year? How to break the situation to comply with the changes of The Times and the market and achieve new growth?

Structural adjustment channel changes

"We are the agent of home hardware products, the data in the last year or two is declining, feel by home, integrated home products including the Internet streaming a lot, so we want to come over this time and the manufacturers to think of ways together, also let the manufacturers give us cheer, increase some confidence. A few days ago on the dealer conference of enterprise of manufacturer of a domestic well-known hardware, have place dealer says so.

In fact, the dealers' response most directly reflects The Times, especially the development and changes of the manufacturing industry. In recent years, the adjustment of market structure, the change of procurement mode and the rise of the Internet have all had a great impact on the original mode of production and circulation. On the one hand, the increase of the proportion of fully decorated houses has changed the market competition mode of manufacturing enterprises. On the other hand, the impact of the Internet, so that offline and online consumption coexist. In this parallel period, the old model will definitely feel a little bit cold, and at the same time, it is urgent to seek new ideas and ways out.

"In fact, there are advantages to traditional channels such as distributors. They go deep into the front line of the market and integrate more closely with consumers, so that they can feel the market more directly and face up to consumers' demands. This is a feature that the manufacturers themselves and the Internet do not have. Therefore, dealers should better grasp and use their own advantages in the transformation, integrate resources, further improve service level and ability, improve autonomy, and become a role integrating marketing and service. The personage inside course of study expresses.

Market break bureau new category growth

Changes in the market bring worry, more joy. Compared with the traditional gas water heater, the wall hanging furnace is relatively high-end, and the products for the above middle-income groups have developed by leaps and bounds in recent years.

According to relevant statistics from, from January to November 2018, the total size of the real estate fine decoration market reached 2.145,000 sets, up 35.6% year-on-year. The scale of water heater directly brought by fine decoration reached 521,000 sets, up 26.9% year on year. For high-end buildings in non-central heating areas, wall-mounted furnaces were highly favored to meet people's demand for heating, and their market share grew rapidly, up by 166.3% year-on-year. Among them, second-tier cities are the main supporting positions of wall-mounted furnaces, accounting for more than 60%. In terms of growth rate, wall hanging furnaces in third-tier cities grow the fastest, with a year-on-year growth of 616.2%. In the future, wall hanging furnaces will spread to third-tier cities.

Integrated kitchen regards another as big new category, also realized rapid growth. According to the calculation of econ, in 2018, in the case of sudden changes in the whole kitchen electricity market, the trend of integrated kitchen industry is good, it is estimated that the market size will reach 1.748 million, achieving sales of 12.92 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 44%. Integrated stove also becomes hutch accordingly electric industry besides machine of lampblack of oil absorption, gas stove outside, the industry of the 3 th break 10 million yuan.

In this regard, China hardware products association director shi zenglan pointed out: "at present, China's middle-income population has formed, which is to promote high-quality development and consumption upgrade the biggest boost. How to better adapt to the market and meet the demand, we need to study the real needs of this part of consumers in depth. In fact, the current industry, category performance is exactly proved this point. Especially under the current trend of consumption classification, enterprises should not only strengthen the foundation of consumer groups to cultivate public praise, but also pay attention to innovation and cooperation between industries, interactive application of technologies, etc., especially in the exploration of high-end market, they should carry out active and effective work.

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